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Three Reasons Why You Should Stop Emailing Your Board Documents

Posted by Linaeya Horn-Muller on Jul 5, 2018 3:15:38 PM
Linaeya Horn-Muller
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Industry trends have shown a significant shift towards a paperless Boardroom. While some boards choose to streamline their communication by Board Software Communication, others have simply ignored the trends and continue to use email to fulfill their needs.

Email might prevent added costs to board operations, but it also proposes more potential downfalls and risks because email:

  1. Is not secure – and constitutes a major liability.
  2. Does not improve board member communication.
  3. Does not enhance decision making.

Email is not secure.

It’s no secret that email hacks occur regularly. Because of the security risk, it’s important for board members to refrain from sending board documents via email and incorporate a secure board software communication. By switching to board software communication, boards will be able to ensure that their confidential materials are heavily monitored and secure.

Email does not improve board member communication.

How can boards stay on top of their communication if the typical board member already receives hundreds of emails every day? When board documents are emailed, it’s easy for documents to get overlooked. And as emails flood inboxes, it easier for the recipients to get confused – and lose track of which email contains the most up-to-date information.

Eliminate these potential downfalls by utilizing board software that can streamline communication and edit documents in real time, which will automatically update the latest version for board members. These features not only reduce confusion, but also relieve an enormous amount of stress created during administrative preparation.

Email does not enhance decision-making.

Email just cannot compare to board software communication. Boards that use Global Governance Advisors’, emPower platform, not only get a secure communication tool, but they will also be able to access reports about the effectiveness of their board; which, in turn, will increase board effectiveness and governance – and allow the board to impact the success of the organization and increase valuation.

Companies can use the emPower platform for peer evaluations, voting, D& O questionnaires, and to streamline board meetings. Board members can join their meetings from their Smart Phone (iOS or Android), tablet, or desktop; while simultaneously utilizing emPower’s integrated TV-quality, live-streaming capabilities.

Schedule a demo with Global Governance Advisors, so that we can show you how our board software, emPower, transcends the boardroom experience.  

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